3 1/4" half doll
11 1/4" overall
satin ruffle purple
mauve handmade
silk flower
sequence in hair and necklace
3 1/4" half doll
11 1/4" overall
bustle in velvet
sequin necklace
gold satin and lace lace
with a black velvet ruffle
red china painted flowers
on hat and red sequin on necklace
Porcelain Doll Lamp
All new electrical parts included
3" doll pug in night light
11" including  beads overall
ivory chiffon pleating on sides
 with hand made violet silk flower with beads
 Doll plug in night light
2 1/2 doll
11" including glass
 hand made beads
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Doll plug in night light with 3- 1/2 inch doll with gold satin and black lace and chiffon with rosette and glass beads overall 11"