Lavender Bags
        and Powder Dishes

Lavender Sachet Half Doll Bag
8 1/2 inches overall with a 3 1/2 half doll, gold cord extra
Gold cord for hanging
satin bag with lavender sachet
Hand made silk ribbon flower with glass beads on flower and a beautiful embroidery rose lace dress in pink or blue your choice
Lavender Sachet Bag

She measures 81/2 inches
3 1/4" half doll
Gold cord for hanging.
Beautiful lace dress with faux pearls and sequins sewn on with a silk leaf and handmade silk ribbon flower. Faux pearl beads and flowing faux pearls and ribbon down front of dress all beautifully covering a white satin Lavender sachet bag.
Lavender Sachet Porcelain Doll Bag She is made of the finest porcelain with a lovely Black lace with embroidery gold thread with rhinestone all over lace beautiful. With black bag filled with fragment lavender and a hanging gold cord for hanging. She wears a necklace and bracelet in gold china paint with rhinestones on them. She is a 3 1/2 inch doll and almost 9 inches overall with 4 inch extra gold cord for hanging smells wonderful perfect for anywhere you need a wonderful smell, in a pretty decoration. American made $60.00
contact me for shipping outside the US.